Disneyland Resort Mouse

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Disneyland Resort Mouse


Price: ???
Release Date: ???
Model No: Unconfirmed


Right Color: Hot Pink
Left Color: Hot Pink
Scroll Wheel Color: White
Base Color: White
Glass Color: Purple
Text: Disneyland RESORT
Decor: Plastic Beach Piece, Stuck to bottom (?)
Inside Image: Unclear
Floater 1:Surfing Mickey Mouse Floater

The Disneyland Resort Mouse is a branded mouse created by Liquid Star Enterprise Co., LTD for its Aqua line of liquid mice.

Distribution[edit | edit source]

It is unclear if this mouse was sold or given out for distribution. Its release date would be within 2001-2005[1][2], as this was the period where the particular Disneyland Resort logo was used.

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