Hubot (Prototype)

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Hubot (Prototype)


Dimensions: 22" Diameter x 45" High
Manufacturer: Hubotics
OS: CP/M 2.2


Dan English (Chief Engineer)
Don Skinner (VP of Production)
Unknown (Software Engineer)
Unknown (Software Engineer)
Michael Forino (Design, Conceptualization)

Hubot (Prototype) was a test run of Hubot robots created after January of 1982 and wrapped up production in May of 1983.

It is unknown how many test units were created during this run, and it is exclusively only seen in promotional images.

Design[edit | edit source]

The main design differences between the test run and the final release is in two areas. The "Hubot" logo on the lower-front of the unit is noticably larger, easily noticeable in one of the promotional images that has the logo and stripes around it painted black (Though due to it appearing on a single promotional image its unclear if this was a unique proto unit or an edit done to the image after its capture).

The other difference is the two black plastic caps that are usually next to the logo now being inside the indented section at the very bottom of the unit.

Prototype Face[edit | edit source]

Some shots of the unit show it seemingly running a prototype version of the Hubotics Software Diskette that has a differently shaped face graphic, though one of them depicts the unit positioned at different angles, one with the presumed prototype face, and the other with the standard face. This makes it unclear as to whether a prototype diskette existed for the unit, or if it is a yet to be seen face on the retail unit.

Gallery[edit | edit source]