Hubot System Board

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System Board

The Hubot System Board is the main board for controlling Hubot.

Board[edit | edit source]

  • Zilog Z8400A PS Z80A CPU 8408
  • Hitachi 8414 00000220 HN27C64G-15 EPROM
  • NEC 8342MF714 D4164C-2 DRAM Chip
    • 8 Chips

Reset Function[edit | edit source]

Upon reset of the Hubot, the main 8K ROM is made available for read access and is active in the memory map. It will start running the code from the beginning of that EPROM which will then fill the entire 64K of RAM with 0's to clear it. All 64K of RAM seems to be active for writes at this time.  Then the 8K ROM image on the main ROM from 0000h-1fffh is copied to the same location with writes going to RAM. Then there is an OUT to address 10h with a value of 00h which potentially switches out the EPROM so that the full 64K of RAM memory is active which now contains an image of the 8K main ROM.  It then jumps to address 0100h to read the boot loader from the floppy disk that can in turn bring up the rest of CP/M and then load the Hubotics Software Diskette.[1]

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