Rules & Guidelines

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1. Standard Rules[edit | edit source]

Standard wiki rules, breaking any will result in an immediate ban with no questions asked.

  • No vandalism of pages, removal of important (or in general any) info, or any edits to main pages without admin permission.
  • No harmful beliefs, harassment, illegal activities, or other such behavior.
  • No NSFW/NSFL images, links, or discussions.
  • No harmful or otherwise suspicious links on pages.
  • No creation of pages or edits with excessive grammar issues or low quality writing.
  • No creation of pages or edits that fall outside standard wiki formatting.
    • Creation of a page to dump in a gallery of photos is fine, as long as it eventually gets proper writing and formatting.
    • Noting what was changed is required, and important changes must be given sources or discussed with Admins for approval.
    • Changes must be described when pushing any contribution to the wiki.

2. Standards[edit | edit source]

Pages should all have generally the same formatting. Excessive page creation or edits that fall outside the format of the wiki (to a certain extent) may lead to bans and reverting of changes.

If there is a category with no created pages to go off of for standards, users are allowed to follow standard wiki formatting

  • Pages should sort items by year. Items with unknown years should be at the top under the label 'Unknown Year'.
  • Every page should start off with the page's name in bold italics. The first sentence should give a brief description of the item, and the years it was used in. After this single sentence a new paragraph must be started if more details are to be described. Only a single paragraph at maximum should be at the top of a page, anything further should then be separated by a header.
  • Every page should include a right-side main image when possible using Template:Generic, and when the item has multiple photos, or is complex enough to need multiple photos to visually describe in full, a Gallery section should be created near the mid-to-bottom part of the page.

4. New Pages & Categories[edit | edit source]

New pages must link back through the main page. Whether directly, or through one of the category pages, such as Androbot News Videos. If a user would like to suggest a new page to directly link on the main page, they may contact the admins.