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<languages/> [[Special:MyLanguage/{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]][[:{{{1}}}| ]]

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</translate> <translate> This helper template can be used to link to [[<tvar name=1>Special:LanguageStats</tvar>|translatable pages]] in the user's language.</translate> <translate> It uses the special page prefix <tvar name=1>Special:MyLanguage/</tvar>, which checks if there is a translated version of a page in the user's language, and links to it if there is one, and links to a fallback language where available, or the default wiki language version (English in MediaWiki) if there isn't.</translate>

<translate> It should be used in translated pages, so that they link to the right page even if there is no translated page in that language.


</translate> Template:Localized link/doc

<translate> If "<tvar name=1>nsp</tvar>" parameter is not defined, as link text displays the full pagename (including namespace); otherwise — if "<tvar name=1>nsp</tvar>" parameter is defined by any value — link text displays the short pagename, without namespace.

Examples of simple usage

</translate> Template:(| class="wikitable" |- ! <translate> Use</translate> ! <translate> Becomes</translate> |- | {{ll|Communication}} | Communication |- | {{ll|Communication|コミュニケーション}} | コミュニケーション |- | {{ll|Project:About}} | Project:About |- | {{ll|Project:About|nsp=0}} | About |Template:)


Usage in translatable pages

On pages prepared for translation with the <tvar name=1>Extension:Translate </tvar> extension, this template may be used in three ways. </translate>

  1. <translate> Should better be substitute this template, and then the wikilink target embedded in a <tvar name=1>[[:Template:^(]]tvar name=id[[:Template:)^]]...[[:Template:^(]]/tvar[[:Template:)^]]</tvar>, separately from the translatable displayed text of the link.</translate>
    <translate> As example, instead <tvar name=1>{{ll|Communication|About communication}}</tvar>, translation markup in translatable page will be <tvar name=2>[[[[:Template:^(]]tvar name=1[[:Template:)^]]Special:MyLanguage/Communication[[:Template:^(]]/tvar[[:Template:)^]]|About communication]]</tvar>.</translate>
  2. <translate> Alternatively, may be exclude this code from translatable section.</translate>
    <translate> As example, for <tvar name=1>some text {{ll|Communication|About communication}} some text</tvar>, translation markup in translatable page will be:</translate>
    [[:Template:^(]]translate[[:Template:)^]]some text[[:Template:^(]]/translate[[:Template:)^]] {{ll|Communication|2=[[:Template:^(]]translate[[:Template:)^]]About communication[[:Template:^(]]/translate[[:Template:)^]]}} [[:Template:^(]]translate[[:Template:)^]]some text[[:Template:^(]]/translate[[:Template:)^]]
    <translate> This is useful for bulleted lists of links, e.g. in the "See also:" sections.</translate>
  3. <translate> If link text does not have to be different from the name of landing page, will be better to embed all this code into <tvar name=1>Template:Tag</tvar>.</translate>
    <translate> As example, instead <tvar name=1>{{ll|Communication}}</tvar>, translation markup in translatable page will be <tvar name=2>[[:Template:^(]]tvar name=1[[:Template:)^]]{{ll|Communication}}[[:Template:^(]]/tvar[[:Template:)^]]</tvar>.</translate>


See also


  • Template:Localized link/messagedoc — <translate> should be used for message documentation in translatable pages that use this template.</translate>
  • {{Translatable template}} - <translate> alias <tvar name=1>{{TNT}}</tvar> or <tvar name=2>{{tnt}}</tvar></translate>
  • {{Translatable template name}} - <translate> alias <tvar name=1>{{TNTN}}</tvar> or <tvar name=2>{{tntn}}</tvar></translate>
  • {{Page language link}} - <translate> alias <tvar name=1>{{pll}}</tvar></translate> - <translate> add a link from a translatable page to another translatable page in the same language</translate>

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