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This template is used to rate Lua modules by quality. It is placed at the top of the module's /doc subpage. It produces a message informing users about the rating system, and it also places the module into a tracking category.


Basic usage: Template:Pre

Without categories: Template:Pre

If {{Module rating}} is used outside the Module namespace, an error message is shown: Template:Error


The rating should be placed in the first positional parameter. There are five different ratings: pre-alpha, alpha, beta, release and protected. There are also short alias codes for each of the ratings.

Rating Aliases Result
pre-alpha prealpha
alpha a
beta b
release r
protected protect
Anything else or if missing


Template:Module rating/doc


The template will put modules in one of the following categories, according to the rating specified:

These categories are suppressed on pages ending with /doc. To suppress categories on all pages, you can use the code |nocat=true.

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