Topo B.O.B (Prototype 1)

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Topo I Prototype, December 1982

The Topo B.O.B (Prototype 1) is the first prototype of B.O.B., built off the original Azza Prototype.

The prototype's completion was sometime before December 1982, as it would be the figure used in the December 9th Androbot Inc. 'ROBOT' Patent.[1]

Design[edit | edit source]

Multiple changes are seen from this design to the final iteration:

  • The ABS plastic shells are pure white, which would be shifted to a slight beige in the final.
  • The mesh on the face is white instead of black, alongside having thinner holes.
  • The grey belt and Topo logo are missing on the lower portion of the body.
  • The chest has been cut out and fitted with two green, yellow, and red LEDs behind a colored screen.
  • The lower neck area has been cut out and replaced with a mesh.
  • A single caster wheel is placed under the front shell, shifted to the left side.

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