Topo II Base Communicator Board

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Base Communicator Board

The Topo II Base Communicator Board is a microcontroller board that controls the Base Communicator unit that acts as a mediator between Topo II and the PC used.

Specs[edit | edit source]

  • The controller is of type 8031, a variant of the 8051 microcontroller without internal EPROM.
  • Labeled D.L. V-1.00 5-DEC.
  • EPROM is a 2 kilobyte Hitachi HN462716g.

EPROM[edit | edit source]

The EPROM data is archived, using the 8051 instruction set.

Download Base Communicator EPROM

Disassembly[edit | edit source]

A disassembly of the Base Communicator was started by Vincent Kessels in the early 2000's, using the D52 Disassembler. An ASM and CTRL file is generated, and both are needed to be properly opened in the D52 Disassembler.[1]

Download Base Communicator Disassembly (ASM)
Download Base Communicator Disassembly (CTRL)

Firmware[edit | edit source]

TODO: Firmware protocols documented on Kessel's Website

References[edit | edit source]