Topo IV (Prototype)

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TOPO IV Specification Sheet

Topo IV was a prototype TOPO unit that only made it in the early design stage before being scrapped.

The main specification sheet was mailed out during the final days of the company in 1985. The only part that was built was the sensor belt.

Build[edit | edit source]

The robot took multiple cues from B.O.B, mainly all of the same sensors. It seems like it would use the Topo III shells, but it also has the option for a rotating head, which was not possible on the Topo II shells without heavy modification. An arm is also stated in the sheet, possibly something akin to BOB/XA's Androlift.

Specification Sheet[edit | edit source]

A transcription of the mailed sheet:


  • Robot body (Topo II or III) with one CPU board
  • Emergency stop switch (replace current headswitch)
  • Handheld IR Transmitter
  • Text to Speech
  • Ultrasonic Sensors (2) in eyes
  • RS-232 Port


  • Base Communicator, RS-232 cable, power supply, manual with disket
  • RF Control System
  • Voice Recognition
  • User recorded speech
  • Pre-recorded speech (requires expander board & ROM expansion boar
  • Forward Sensor (spread beam)
  • Rear Sensor (spread beam)
  • Side Sensors (2)
  • IR Sensor (bar code, up to four)
  • Compass (fluxgate)
  • Trays (beverage, snack, and multi-purpose)
  • Light level detector
  • Temperature sensor
  • Smoke detector
  • Motion detection
  • Body temperature
  • Phone modem
  • Arm
  • Rotating head