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Androbot Waiter, Unknown Year.

In 1983, a Seattle restaurant called Tubs Gourmet Subs (11064 Lake City Way NE Ste 16 Seattle, WA 98125) would use a Topo I as a waitress for bringing food to customers. The robot would be modified to have a white mounted pole on its front with a black food tray. The tray would have two extrusions for stably holding drinks.[1]

The gimmick would make it to the local newspaper at the time, and the robot would later retire from its position at an unknown time. It is unclear what happened to the robot after this point.

While the restaurant would make note of its robot waiter on its website in 2006[2], it wouldn't further use the robot's legacy until a specific brand of menu would debut between the late 2000's to late 2010's featuring an alternate logo with the modified Topo robot. This alternate logo would also appear on a sticker and on the company's Twitter page[1].

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